Value Payable Post

Value payable post :

The value payable system is intended for persons who wish to pay for articles sent to them at the time of receipt of the articles and also to meet the requirements of traders and others who wish to recover, through the agency of the Post Office, the value of article supplied by them.

Value payable articles :

Registered parcels, registered letters, registered book packets and newspapers prepaid with postage of newspaper rates of postage and with registration fee may be transmitted by inland post as value payable postal articles. The amount specified for remittance to the sender in the case of any such postal article should not exceed Rs. 1,000. Such parcels, letters and packets should not contain coupons, tickets, certificates of introduction designed for the sale of goods on what is known as the "Snowball System".

Declaration :

No such postal article as aforesaid will be accepted at any post office for transmission by post as a value payable postal article unless the sender declares that it is sent in execution of a bona fide order received by him. The sender will be required to declare that the transmission of the article by post as a value payable postal article is permitted. No postal article as aforesaid will be accepted at these offices without such further declaration.

Post offices from and to which V. P. articles may be sent :

Value-payable postal articles can be posted at any post office that is a money order office (with a few exceptions) for transmission to any other post office that is a money order office.

Manner of Posting :

Every postal article intended to be transmitted by post as a value payable postal article must be presented at the post office with the prescribed printed form in which the sender must specify the sum to be remitted to himself fill in the required entries (in ink) and sign the declaration.

The sender must also write clearly on the face of the article itself:—

  • in the upper left-hand corner the letters "VP" followed by an entry in figures and words of the amount for remittance to himself, and
  • in the lower left-hand corner—his own name and full address.

Payment to Sender :

When the amount due is recovered form the addressee, the sum for payment to the sender will be remitted to him by means of money order.

Detention in office of delivery and levy of demurrage:

If the addressee of a value-payable postal article omits to take delivery of it within 7 days following the date of its first presentation or the date of delivery to him or to his accredited agent of an intimation of its arrival, the article will be returned to the sender on the 8th day:

Provided that if in the meantime the addressee has applied in writing to the post office for the detention of the article for a further period not exceeding seven days beginning with the said 8th day and pays the prescribed fee the article shall not be returned to the sender until the expiration of the further period covered by the application. Any fee so paid shall in no circumstances be refunded.

Insurance of V.P. Articles :

The value declared for insurance need not correspond with the amount specified by the sender for remittance to himself. Thus in the case of a watch returned after repairs per value-payable post to its owner, the amount to be remitted to the sender of the watch would be only the cost of repairs while the sum insured would represent the value of the watch itself.

Complaints regarding value-payable articles :

Whenever the sender of a value-payable postal article makes a complaint regarding the delivery of or payment for, the value-payable postal article, he will be entitled to have an enquiry made by the post offices on paying the prescribed fee. The fee will be paid by means of postage stamps or stamps affixed to the letter of complaint. This fee will be refunded in cases where the complaint was found to be will-grounded.

Responsibility of the Post Office :

The Central Government shall not incur any liability in respect of the sum specified for remittance to the sender in respect of a value payable postal article unless and until that sum has been received from for remittance to the sender in respect of a value-payable postal article within six months form the date of posting of the article.

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