Sale of Stationery

Chennai City Region has come out with good quality stationeries of varied sizes to cater the needs of public and students.

These envelopes have been procured and sold through all HOs / Parcel Centres and other major Post Offices so as to offer a complete mailing solution to the members of public.

Speed Post Envelopes are customized and could be used for sending Speed Post only. Whereas, all the other categories of envelopes could be used for send any class of mail - ordinary / registered/ Speed / Domestic / International.

Cost of Envelopes

Code Size
EN-1 (Cloth Lined Envelopes) 11 x 5 5.00
EN-2 (Cloth Lined Envelopes) 10 x 8 8.00
EN-3 (Cloth Lined Envelopes) 12 x 10 10.00
EN-4 (Cloth Lined Envelopes) 15 x 11 10.00
Speedpost Envelopes Small 2.00
Speedpost Envelopes Large 10.00
Speedpost Envelopes 11 x 15 17.00

Feel free to contact us (Working hours 10.00AM - 05.00PM)
Speed Post (International) related queries 044-22313282
Speed Post (Domestic) related queries 044-22313200
International Parcel related queries 044-25240968
International Letter related queries 044-22368495
PLI Customer Care 044-28594723
Rural PLI Customer Care 044-28544900
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