Mail Services

Mail Service being the primary service of the Department, our mission is to provide high quality mail, parcel and related services in India and throughout the world. Various types of mail services are available viz. Registered post, Parcel Post, Insured post, Value Payable post and Surface/Air lifted Mail.

The term 'inland post' means the 'post' maintained by the Central Government either by land or by sea or by air.

Post cards, letters and letter cards are treated as first class mail ; articles, such as Book Packets, Registered Newspapers, Pattern and sample packets and Blind literature packets are treated as second class mail .

Postcards :

For transmission by inland post are issued by the Post Office for the use of the public. A single post card has a stamp of the prescribed value impressed on it. A reply postcard has a stamp of the prescribed value impressed on each card. One part of the reply postcard is intended to contain the sender's communication.

Letters :

A Letter card may be transmitted by post with or without pre-payment of postage. A letter should not weight more than 2 Kg. It should also conform to the limits of size.

A Letter card means a sheet of paper of the kind ordinarily used for letter writing suitably folded and gummed. Letter cards, closely resembling in size and shape of the aerogramme form used in the foreign service, are issued by the Post Office for the use of the public. A letter card has a stamp of the prescribed value of postage impressed on it.

Business Reply Service :

It means obtaining a reply from client of a person without putting him to the expenditure of paying the postage charges by attaching or enclosing with his communication an addressed reply card, envelope or label of a special design.

Book packet :

It may contain News papers, publications of all kinds, printed music books, paper, parchment and cardboard either blank or printed not bearing any writing.

Registered Newspapers

The Scheme is confined to Registered Newspapers (including Magazines and Periodicals) which are published at intervals of not more than 31 days and which post more than 500 copies at a time.

Pattern or sample packets :

It may contain bona fide trade patterns or samples of merchandise not having any saleable value together with, or without, any matter which may be sent as a book packet.

Blind Literature Packets :

It include papers of any kind, periodicals, books and letters to or from blind persons impressed in "Braille" or other special type for the use of the blind.

Registration :

Registration makes the transmission to article more secure, as it passes through the hands of postal orders, under special precautions.

parcels :

A parcel may contain a single written communication of the nature of a letter, or having the character of a personal communication, addressed to the addressee of the parcel.

Insurance :

Insurance covers all risks in course of transmission by post.

Value Payable Post :

The value payable system is designed to meet the requirements of persons who wish to pay for articles sent to them at the time of receipt of the articles.

Surface Air Lifted (SAL) :

Surface Air Lifted (SAL) is an ideal combination of air and surface transport for quick and economical mail deliveries.

Other Important Features

Recall of articles :

Subject to the provisions of this clause the sender of a postal article posted in India may have it withdrawn from the post, or have its address altered, so long as the article—

  • has not been delivered to the addressee;
  • has not been confiscated or destroyed by the competent authorities of the country in which the article may be for the time being;
  • has not been seized by virtue of any law of the country of destination.

Window Delivery :

Except where the post box system is in force, any person residing within the ordinary beat of the postmen can have all letters and other postal articles received to his address delivered to him regularly, during business hours at the window of a post office, free of any charge on this account provided that the articles are taken over loose and that the addressee makes a written application to the post office asking that his letters and other articles may be retained in the Post Office till called for, instead of being sent out in the ordinary course through the postman.

Identification Cards :

A system of identity cards has been introduced by the Post Office for the benefit of tourists, travelling representatives of firms and other members of the public who experience difficulty in establishing their identity in connection with postal transactions, e.g., receipt of registered and insured articles and payment of money orders in the post town through which they pass. These cards will be obtainable at any head post office by literate persons whose identity is well established in the locality in which they reside or who can be voucher for by substantial permanent residents known to the postmaster.

Post Boxes :

Post Boxes are available on rent at certain Post Offices as may be determined in this behalf by the Head of Circle under the following conditions, viz., only fully pre-paid unregistered articles of the letter mail, namely letters, inland letter cards, post cards, aerogrammes, registered newspapers, books, pattern or sample packets addressed to the renter of the post bearing the Post Box No are delivered through post box.

To download application for getting rental Post Box, Please Click here

Post Bags :

The system of delivery of Postal articles in a bag, which along with a lock and duplicate key is to be supplied by the renter, is available at all delivery post offices, whether post box system is available there or not.

Poste restante :

The Poste Restante is intended solely for the convenience of strangers and travellers and even they may not use the Poste Restante for more than three months. All articles superscribed "To me Kept till called for", "To await arrival", or in any similar way, and also articles addressed "Post Office" are held to fall under the head "Poste Restante". The addressees of articles falling under the head Poste Restante" must give the names of the addresses. A Poste Restante article (except value-payable), is kept in the post Office to which it is addressed for a period not exceeding one month.


A postal article which cannot be delivered by the post office, to which it is addressed owing to the addressee being elsewhere may be redirected, free of charge. If a postal article or a notice of the arrival has once been tendered to the addressee by the post office, it will not be redirected to his address elsewhere.

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