Godrej Chotukool Opportunity from India Post

India Post Godrej partnership

Shaping up the Chotukool opportunity with India Post Godrej partnership and building socially responsible business.

India Post Godrej Partnership

14th Oct 2010: Business development Day as a part of National Postal week launch of Chotukool at Meghdoot Terrace, G.P.O. Mumbai.

7500 families are today owners of Chotukools seeded through India Post Godrej partnership.

India Post A network which reaches to every person across India.

And Chotukool an innovative and just right solution from Godrej one of the most trusted brands of India.

India Post partnership A win win win partnership.

Customers Feedback

  • Satisfied with Chotukool performance
  • Meets daily needs of family
  • Just right to cool buttermilk
  • Chosen To buy Chotukool over repairing a Refrigerator
  • Happy with Chotukool performance
  • Chotukool as income generator
  • Brought transformation…joy and pride

The Genesis of Chotukool

  • 80 lacs Refrigerators sold last year and the market has grown by 12-15%
  • Their daily needs are very limited existing cooling solutions are overshooting these needs and are clearly beyond their reach
  • Can we make cooling solution “accessible” and “affordable” to them?
  • Chosen To buy Chotukool over repairing a Refrigerator
  • Chotukool was born with this dream Creating a distinctly different and compelling value proposition

Understanding Chotukool to succeed

  • chotuKool a low cost cooling solution.
  • It is not a Refrigerator. It is perfect overnight cooler.
  • Opens from top retains cooling better maximum utilization of storage space.
  • Works on Electronic chip no compressor or refrigerant.
  • Preserves vegetables and eatables fresh cools 28 degrees below room temperature.
  • Made of Hi Quality plastic Rust Proof.
  • Just 9 kgs of weight compact & Easy to move.
  • Chotukool a simple and affordable cooling solution.
  • Works on solid state electronic chip.
  • Operates on 230V AC, But works on inverter.
  • Sturdy body Rust proof.
  • Simple design easy to use & clean.

Product details (Launched on 19.01.2015)

Product Model

Solid Black


Flight of Fantasy

Customer Price




  • Chotukool is 35 L in capacity and 7.8 Kg in weight.
  • It gives a temperature dip of 28 degrees from ambience temperature.
  • It runs on intelligent solid state cooling, no compressor and no moving parts.
  • Consumes just 62 W, it goes in to sleep mode after achieving inside cooling 10 degree.
  • Works on inverter or external battery and car battery.
  • Portable.


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